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Three Must-Have Hair Styling Tools for Your Beauty Routine at Home

Your home must accommodate all of your needs. The urban lifestyle requires people to spend only a little time at home. Socializing and shopping are the two most common behaviors of urban citizens. And spending money on beauty salons for daily beauty routine can mean unnecessary expenses.

You need to have hair styling tools at home!

Hair Dryer

hair dryerHair dryers are extremely helpful if you have long hair. During humid weather, half-wet hair may cause breakage and frizzy appearance. If your scalp is naturally oily, leaving the hair half-wet may lead to dandruff and flaking.

To get the best hair dryer for your hair, you need to pay attention to four factors: wattage, heating features, cost, and weight. Big wattage means a powerful motor that can blow strong wind to your hair. You want this feature if you have thick hair. Weak motor means weak wind, which may roast your hair and make it frizzy.

There are three heating features of hair dryers in the market: ionic tourmaline, ceramic/porcelain & infrared, and titanium. Ionic tourmaline distributes heat evenly to quicken the drying process. Ceramic/porcelain & infrared offers a consistent temperature, which makes the drying slower than the ionic tourmaline, but with a less damaging side effect to the hair. Titanium is meant for a high-temperature dryer. If you have extraordinarily thick hair that is difficult to dry, you may need a titanium hair dryer.

Flat Iron

hair straightenerA flat-iron with a round edge can give you a curlier result than the others with a sharp edge. You need to know this difference because most people think that those two different models are the same. However, not all hair types can be perfectly curled. Those with exceptionally straight hair can forget the idea of curling their hair with a flat-iron because they may need a salon treatment.

Second, the width of the plates is supposed to be your concern. Wide plates mean more heat applied on your hair. And not all hair types can withstand a high-temperature treatment, only the thick and full hair. If you have fine hair, you have to consider a flat iron with narrow plates because you do not want to burn your hair.

Third, you should pay attention to the straightener’s voltage. If you love to travel, you should check this list of best dual-voltage flat irons:

  1. HSI Professional Glider
  2. MHD Travel Size Mini Hair Straightener
  3. 6th Sense Styling Technology 2-in-1 Mini Hair Straightener
  4. AmoVee Mini Flat Iron
  5. Herstyler Colorful Seasons Ceramic Flat Iron
  6. KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron
  7. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

Dual-voltage irons have two options, 110 – 120V and 220-240V. Some states and countries use one of those options. Why should you risk it with only one preference?

Curling Shells

Curling shells style your hair not only to be curly but also wavy. Possessing a set of curling shells will allow you to change your hairstyle while you’are at home. Compared to the other methods, curling shells are less damaging, and they work the quickest. It will only take five minutes of your time for an intended result.

Currently, there is only one most recommended product of curling shells, the Topstyler by Instyler. The clips are all made of ceramic, which guarantees you a non-damaging treatment because the …

How to Buy and Care for a Manual Meat Mixer

meat mixer guideI love ground meat but abhor prepackaged beef. It contains cuts from so many different animals which only increases the chances of contamination. Without an excellent butcher to rely on for good quality ground beef, you are left with what the supermarket has to offer, and this can be tricky. You have no control over the fat content which can greatly compromise the flavor of your patties and sausages.

Surely these problems wouldn’t make me give up my ground beef, so I had to look for alternatives. Scouring the internet helped me realize that I could grind my meat at home. This way I would only have what was needed for a recipe and never have to cook using oxidized meat that has been sitting too long in its packaging.

Meat grinders contain a pusher which is used to force beef down the feed tube. The hopper is the part where you add the meat. Grinders have a tray on top of the feed tube to hold extra meat before it is pushed down into the grinder. There will be a screw to push your meat down the shaft towards the sharp blades. When it comes to the blades meat is cut into a fine mince that you can use to cook different types of food.

The parts may be similar, but there are options for those looking for the best manual meat mixer. However, standalone electric grinders have a wider screw shaft and feed tube and come with a greater variety of plates. They are great for grinding really tough cuts of meat, thanks to a reverse function. However, you don’t need a standalone grinder unless you usually grind lots of meat. Stand mixer attachments are great for anyone who handles more than the average cook. It is a real time saver, but for an even greater experience, you can use a manual grinder.

Manual meat mixers are a fun, inexpensive way to grind meat at home. Cleaning manual mixers are no easy job though. You should only put cold cuts in a grinder to keep the meat from becoming a dry, pulpy mess. It is important to trim your meat before putting it in the grinder, so it doesn’t come out with a chewed up texture.meat mixer care tips

If you don’t clean the parts properly, the meat will start collecting on the surface of the die. Most manual mixers don’t have a reverse function so you must disassemble and clean up before trying to mince again. Blades must also be kept sharp to prevent smearing. Annual sharpening is recommended, or you can buy some replacements for best results.

Manual mixers are best washed by hand in the hot soapy water to prevent contamination. Even stainless steel mixers have different materials that easily tarnish if put in a dishwasher. Make sure the appliance is completely dried after use.

Use these tips to purchase an ideal manual meat mixer and take good care of it to extend its lifespan. Do this and you will never have to choose bland, prepackaged meat for your favorite foods.…


Tips for Buying Sofas

Whether the sofa is for the family room or the living room, a sofa is a great investment since it lives with you for years to come. It also creates a magnificent look in the house, making it appear warmer than before. A good sofa choice complements a good house. Since this is a crucial part of the house, it is important to choose an appropriate sofa. Here are tips to follow when buying a sofa. Moreover, one can visit for additional information on various sofas.


Choose a reputable furniture store

This is the first step because a sofa from a store of confidence will be a total value for your money. Always ask your friends for referrals prior to buying. This will also save you time when going to buy the sofa.


Carefully measure the place you intend to place the sofa. Carry the measurements with you when you go shopping for the sofa. It is also important to ensure that the sofa will fit through the doorway.


COUCH Down happens to be the most comfortable type of fillings for cushions. However, it is quite expensive, and it often requires patting. Low-density is a cheap alternative, but its comfort level decreases with time. One cushion is more orderly than the normal two or three. Sit on the sofa for some minutes to determine how you like it. The cushions should not wedge up when you sit on one side.


A sofa that is to be used almost on a daily basis needs durable fabric. Linen, as well as cotton fabrics, are the best. Synthetic microfiber is also great especially because it is stain resistant. Although linen, as well as cotton, can be treated for stain resistance, they are not as long-lasting as the synthetic microfiber. On the other hand, Leather is elegant but quite expensive. Silk gives your sofa a sleek look, but it is a fragile fabric.


It is also worth noting that Fabrics with woven patterns tend to wear better than those that have printed patterns. Ask the store to give you a piece of the fabric you have chosen. Place it at the place where you intend to place the sofa to see how the fabric blends with natural light. Wait for a few days in order to see whether you still like how it looks.


A solid frame means a long-lasting sofa. More expensive hardwood such as oak is more durable. If possible, you should avoid frames made using plastic, because they may crack. The legs should either be a part of the frame or be held on using screws but not with glue alone. In order to test the strength of the frame, lift one front leg or corner of the sofa from the floor. By the time it is at least six inches off the floor, the other front leg ought to have risen too. If the leg is still touching the floor then the frame is weak.


With these tips, you will buy a quality sofa that will make your house have a more sophisticated look. A sofa will stay with you for many years; therefore do not be afraid to take your time shopping for one.